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If you are considering Personal training and are based in the North Somerset area, this page will provide you with some essential information.  I urge you to invest a few minutes here and in the next couple of pages. You’ll develop a clearer understanding into the process of personal training and whether it is indeed appropriate for you. 

personal training weston super mare Typically people chose personal training because:

  • 1. It’s more convenient for work/home life – you can schedule sessions at a time that suits you
  • 2. You want a skilled coach to help you develop a personalised training programme toward specific fitness or training goals
  • 3. You want to kickstart a training programme and want to start out right with good form, programming, or coaching
  • 4. You want to make a fixed commitment to your own training/fitness

What can personal training achieve

The value of personal training is in it’s results. Whether personal training for fitness or for Krav Maga, you are paying for faster progress, a bespoke programme tailored to your needs and a coach to train you at a higher level of intensity that you will sustain alone.

This combined with a sensible eating plan will make a dramatic difference to your athletic performance, weightloss or general appearance.

Types of Personal training on offer

I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Crossfit Coach, I ran CrossFit Bristol from 2004 to 2015.  I am also the Head Coach for the British Krav Maga Association and head up the Krav Maga Instructor Development programme. I have been involoved in the Martial Arts industry since 1971 and have a long and extensive background of stand up and grappling systems.

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Personal Training for athletic performance and weight loss

Personal coaching in Krav Maga and combat Arts

You cant outrun a donut…

Whether for weight loss, athletic performance or Krav Maga coaching, personal training needs to be part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Personal training can help structure long term, sustainable changes when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle but it wont compensate for:

  • 1. Lack of motivation
  • 2. Inconsistent training outside of the personal training sessions (yes we expect you to work through the programme outside of sessions to maximise benefits)
  • 3. Poor diet, poor lifestyle choices
  • 4. Personal training isn’t a miracle cure – it requires hard work, consistent effort and a clear goal.

The critical points to take away are that personal training isnt an easy option, it is part of a consistent programmed approach.  Whether for training for weight loss, athletic performance or coaching in combat sports, this principle remains the same.

Don’t let being perfect get in the way of being good

Consistent training is the key. Training is about enhancing health and happiness, it’s not about perfection. It’s OK to fall off the wagon every now and again as long as you keep getting back on.

Choose your training environment

A key aspect of personal training is being in the right environment. The location choice is yours. Depending on what suits you, your training can be held at:

  • Our private Crossfit Gym with C2 rower, Olympic weights, kettlebells etc (Banwell)
  • Your home location
  • Outside in a local park
  • At your local gym (be aware that most gyms would charge extra for this)

Over the following pages we will cover:

Personal training for fitness and weightloss

Personal training for Krav Maga and combat sports

Personal Training Fees and Pricing