crossfit image‘An experienced CrossFit Coach working with you on your own  personalised Crossfit programme – it simply does not get any better than this…

We offer bespoke CrossFit start up programmes to individuals and small groups at our private gym or at your location, read on…


 Your CrossFit Coach

Paul Grey is a Performance Coach, long term CrossFit affiliate and Qualified Personal Trainer. Paul was one of the UK’s first CrossFit affiliates qualifying at Camp Pendleton, California. Paul ran CrossFit Bristol from 2004 until 2015 where the Krav Maga programming demands took precedence over CrossFit sessions.

CrossFit to you

We offer a mobile CrossFit service….

Yes, we can bring CrossFit to you, concept 2 rowers, Olympic Weights (Rubber), Kettlebells and your own programme of Crossfit training drelivered to your door, nearest park or garden. This service is unique and we cant find any other Crossfit affiliate offering a simmilar service.

We offer:

kettlebell weston super mareA fully mobile service, all we need is a flat area – more is better, but hey we’ll work with what you give us… We programme and map a specific CrossFit programme for you developed by us over the past 10 years through work with hundreds of local Crossfitters.

What we can’t do is….

We need to get the kit to you,  so local parking and stairs are an issue – remember, we’ve got to safely get the kit to you… 🙂  We train in parks, gardens, garages, spare rooms balconies and more…

What's the difference between a CrossFit Personal Training session and a typical Personal training session.

‘We wont turn up with a swiss ball & some pink stretch bands and call that a work out’.

With us you’ll get an experienced Crossfit trainer delivering a tried and tested Crossfit Programme designed to meet your needs. You’ll match yourself against the classic CrossFit WODS and be supported through the whole process. And when you are ready – we’ll push you hard with intensity giving you the famous CrossFit results that make so many get involved.

I thought Crossfit was only available in classes/groups

Most boxes will offer individual Crossfit Personal Ttraining/Coaching, we went one step further, come to us, or we come to you.

crossfit imageGreg Glassman, (the founder of CrossFit), started out offering CrossFit Personal Training. This evolved into small groups and eventually group coaching.

Delivering individual coaching is highly rewarding, delivering individual coaching about something for something you are passionate about is a real privilage. So, we are keen to to do it.  CrossFit training and a personalised programme is really the way to go for real results. We had downtime in the day before 4pm week and began responding to requests for personalised training Monday to Saturday before 4 pm. We had availability, there was a demand and Bingo – Crossfit to you.

Do I have to go Paleo (Crossfit diet)

No. Undoubtedly, going paleo makes a dramatic difference for weightloss and athletic performance. However it’s not for everyone and there are different levels of paleo from basic clean eating to 100% organic, no wheat cerials, processed foods etc

How does it work

You book a 90 minute induction. We meet, assess your weight, health, lifestyle, injuries and current activity levels. We take you through an initial CrossFit W.O.D (Work Out of the Day). If you decide to proceed we put together an initial 5 session ‘On Ramp’ CrossFit programe to start building basic movements and preparre you for full intensity CrossFit W.O.D’s. The programme is fantastic, it’s high intensity and a great start.

Personal Training – Introduction

Personal Training – Prices

Personal Training – Induction