Krav Maga Bristol Bootcamp

Krav Maga Bristol BootcampBritish Krav Maga:  International Krav Maga Seminar  NOV. 21st/22nd 2015

A total one off experience in Bristol – a full weekend krav maga bootcamp with Instruction provided by a former I.D.F military Krav Maga Instructor.  If you love serious Krav Maga it just does not get any better than this…


‘If you are serious about Krav Maga, you simply cannot miss the opportunity to train in Krav Maga as taught to the Isreali Defence Forces right here in the UK. This is a simply unmissable opportunity.”



Krav Maga Bristol is hosting an International Krav Maga Seminar on behalf of British Krav Maga.  We are hosting a semonar with Amit Porat offering:
2 Full days of Krav Maga training with former Israeli Defence Forces Instructor

Back by popular demand. Amit Porat of the IDF. In 2013 we invited Amit Porat over to run some training for us. Krav Maga Bristol members still refer back to this epic experience so we have invited Amit back again.

This time Amit will provide an entire weekend of Krav Maga training focusing on realistic street attacks and scenarios.

Krav Maga Bristol hosts an International BootcampExperience Krav Maga as taught in the IDF – right here in Bristol.  

We want to make the most of this training opportunity for students so we have limited numbers attending. We are also only focusing on a few areas each day to allow sufficient training time and detailed training for participants to truly benefit from this unique opportunity.

This is an OPEN SEMINAR – we offer a warm welcome to martial artists or kravists from all organisations.